Benefits of Audiobooks and Ebooks that Sustain Their Growing Popularity and Demand

Audiobooks and Ebooks are popular across age groups and demographics. From the academic to the leisure reader, these alternative books are now indispensable. Demand for these books is growing, and it has surpassed demand for printed versions. Sometimes back, Amazon reported that for every 100 printed books they sell, they sell 105 digital books. Audiobooks and Ebooks have many benefits that sustain their demand and popularity. Readers and listeners love them for the following reasons:
Benefits of audiobooks

Audiobooks are convenient

You can listen to a talking book almost everywhere, anytime and even when doing other tasks. People are busy. Even the avid readers lack the time to engage in their hobby. Audiobooks solves this problem. All you need is to download and store the book in your gadget. Access the book any time you want and conveniently “read it with your ears”.

Audiobooks are readily available

With the right technology, you can easily download the book you want. Many modern titles have audio versions, and readers can buy them from online stores.

Talking books brings books to life

They make books entertaining. Gifted narrators bring out the humor in the book and make the book lively and interesting. People who are not natural readers like audiobooks for this reason.

Audiobooks have been proven to be essential learning tools

People now have access to books that would otherwise be beyond their reading level. Students can quickly learn critical listening and pronunciation.

Talking books can be cheap

There are many free audiobooks. There are also many rental services that have made access to audiobooks cheap.

Audio books require no physical space

These books do not clutter. You don’t need a physical library, and you will not need to keep on arranging your books.

Audiobooks are safe to use

Traditional reading can take a toll on eyes. Many people require reading glasses to read printed books. Audiobooks make it easy for such people. In fact, audiobooks were first developed for visually impaired people. The technology has since developed to offer convenience to all and sundry.

Audiobooks are green

They require no paper to be published. Environmental conscious people prefer them to printed versions that lead to cutting of trees for paper. Audiobooks also need no chemicals and no ink. They are environmental friendly in many aspects.

Benefits of e-books

Here are just a few of the benefits eBooks provide:

  • Ebooks are ageless
  • Owners are not worried about issues like fires and mildew.
  • Ebooks are green
  • No paper is needed for publishing needs. There is no fuel used to process paper or to transport the books.
  • Ebooks promote reading
  • Modern populations spend a lot of time on computers and other gadgets. The reading culture was on the decline, but Ebooks made reading cool.
  • Ebooks are easily available and can reach readers a few hours after publishing
  • Readers can now access books without publishing and distribution delays. Ebooks can also be easily edited to update, correct errors or add information
  • Ebooks are portable and convenient to use
  • Ebooks require no physical space. When reading them online, you can easily scroll and search the information you need.
  • Ebooks are cheaper to produce and publish
  • They require fewer investments to produce. More publishers will continue passing this benefit to readers and prices will continue to plummet.
  • Access to free Ebooks
  • There are many free Ebooks. There are many websites that give access to free Ebooks. Many classics can, for instance, be downloaded for free. Many marketers also offer free Ebooks as incentives.
  • Ebooks can be interactive
  • Some Ebooks allow readers to leave their comments and to ask questions. Writers can get feedback and readers can get confusing issues clarified.
  • Ebooks can escape censorship
  • Ebooks cannot be easily banned or banished. Oversensitive authorities lack the means for censoring them. Readers are the ultimate judges of the book.
  • Ebooks can be customized and personalized
  • Readers can customize their copies in ways that suit them. They can edit out some parts, they can play with formatting and can combine different books.
  • Ebooks can be easily translated
  • Readers across linguistic orientations can access any books despite its original language. With technological advancements in translation software, readers can even do their translations.

Audiobooks and Ebooks have enhanced access to books. They are popular because they are in tune with modern lifestyles. They have rekindled the love for books in avid readers and made books attractive to those without much affinity to books. Thanks to them, reading is now hip and cool.

An Overview of the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, written by J.K. Rowling, is the third book of the Harry Potter Series. The book follows the life of Harry potter, a third year student at the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardly. It was published on 8th July 1999 in the United Kingdom by Bloomsbury and on 8th September 1999 in the United States by Scholastic Inc. it won the 1999 Bram Stoker Award, Whitbread Children’s Book Award, and the 2000 Locus Award for the Top Fantasy Novel among other several awards. The book had a film adaption that was released in 2004. Currently, the book, as well as, the whole series is available in the audiobook format. The Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiobook version has gained popularity because of its ease of access and understanding.

Harry Potter Book 3 Plot Summary

The book begins with Harry at Dursleys where he receives news that Sirius Black, a prisoner, has escaped prisoner. Her Aunt, Margie, pays them a visit but ends up insulting Harry and his parents. He runs away and travels to Diagon Alley. He meets the Minister for Magic who convinces him to stay until the start of the school calendar at Hogwarts. Before leaving for Hogwarts, he learns that the escaped prisoner is a convicted murder and is after his life. At Hogwarts, he experiences problems with the Dementors, but Lupin teaches him how to repel them.

While on an illegal visit to Hogsmeade, he overhears his teachers saying that the prisoner is a friend to his parents among other negative things. Later on, he joins Ron and Hermione in an attempt to save Buckbeak from being executed. While on their way back to Hogwarts, Lupin transforms into a werefolf and adopts violent behaviors. Black prevents him from attacking the other guys. They all lose consciousness when some Dementors approach them. Using a time-turner, they get rid of the Dementor’s kiss that would have removed their soul. At the end, Harry returns to the Dursleys. The whole of this plot is explicitly presented in the audio version of the book.

Of Lowly Lords and Minors: an Audible Tale of Tragedy

You have probably read the Lord of the Flies in in print or as an eBook. However, there is a chance that you have not looked at the audio version of the book. The most obvious thing here is the addition of the voice element. In the Lord of the Flies audio book, you get to capture the raw emotions, the fear, the wanton destruction of the human conscience and the savage being that takes over when the veil of humanity is lifted. You go into a dark world where evil resides .In this world, William Goulding brings us the devil in his barest forms. We are forced to endure the horror of human transformation and the consequences that follow folly.

The scenario is out of the ordinary. A plane crashes in the middle of nowhere, and this is where the conflict starts building. The passengers are an equal mix, but the startling event here is that all the adults die in the tragedy. The only ones left are an unlikely group: boys, all of them British, between the ages of 6 and 12. They are not yet teenagers, but what has gone down has gone down, and the boys have to climb out of the metaphorical hole that fate has dug for them. The boys actually start quite okay, and it is evident in their voices. They have to establish a community and a system of authority, and Ralph, one of the older ones, becomes the leader.

Trouble begins when a boy called Jack becomes deeply envious of Ralph. When the latter decides to bring the boys together to build a fire to keep off a beast they believe resides in the islands, Jack decides to go a different way; hunting for pigs. In the meantime, we hear of Simon. He is a goodly chap, and he is philosophical in many ways. The Lord of the Flies audio book helps us to listen to his philosophy, and we immediately get to like him. His primal wish is help the others to survive, and he wants to survive too, but only by extension.

Jack is the antagonist here, and he manages to work up a desperate frenzy into the hearts and minds of the other boys. There is no logic here, just a primal need to survive occasioned by the foolish arrogance of the young. Soon, Ralph loses his position as a leader. It all goes down south from here. We can almost see, but instead distinctly hear Piggy dying. We can all see Simon hallucinating, and we cannot avoid the voice of Ralph panting, running away from the savages, running for his life and into the unknown.

Fifty Shades Darker Audiobook: The Sequel to the Best Selling Romance

Fifty Shades Darker is the sequel to EL James’ literary debut Fifty Shades of Grey, the latter of which sold over 100 million copies world wide and has been released as a blockbuster movie staring Dakota Johnson and Jaime Dornan. Fifty Shades Darker, picks up where Fifty Shades of Grey left off and follows the trilogy’s heroine Anastasia Steele, a recent college graduate, as she tries to put her passionate relationship with Christian Grey, a successful businessman with a dark secret, behind her.

Not only has Fifty Shades Darker featured on a plethora of international best sellers lists but the 50 Shades Darker audiobook free download, has also sold extremely well and is the perfect option for readers who are pressed for time and are interested in listening to a thrilling story, whilst commuting to work or running errands. It’s also a great choice, for readers who would be a little embarrassed to be seen carrying a Fifty Shades Darker paperback.

Fifty Shades Darker, begins three days after Anastasia leaves Christian, as Anastasia begins her new job at Seattle Independent Publishing, where she is pursued relentlessly by her boss, editor Jack Hyde. However, Anastasia and Christian are far from over as the two soon unite, when Christian invites Anastasia to attend her friend Josie Rodriguez’s art show.

In Fifty Shades Darker, readers are introduced to a whole host of new characters, many of which have ties to Christian’s dark past. An example of which is Elena Lincoln, a much older woman, who knew Christian as a teenager and is jealous of Christian’s genuine affection for Anastasia.

However, Elena isn’t the only threat to Christian and Anastasia’s romance, in Fifty Shades Darker, the stakes are raised as one of Christian’s former submissives reenters Christian’s life and is willing to do anything to resume her relationship with Christian. At the same time, Ana is plagued with doubt and contemplates whether or not Christian could truly be happy in a traditional, vanilla relationship.

If you enjoyed, Fifty Shades of Grey and are rooting for Anastasia and Christian to get back together. You’ll thoroughly enjoy Fifty Shades Darker, as you’ll finally get a real insight into how Christian became the troubled young man than Anastasia meets in Fifty Shades of Grey. As a bonus Anastasia and Christian’s connection is just as hot as it was in Fifty Shades of Grey.

So, if you can’t wait to hear what happens next and if Anastasia and Christian take their relationship to the next level, it’s well worth purchasing the Fifty Shades Darker audiobook, which you can get at

The Alllegiant Audiobook Concludes the Amazing Trilogy

AllegiantThe Divergent series that Veronica Roth has created has captivated the world. The series has been noteworthy for offering an impressive look into a dystopian society and one teen’s desire to escape. The trilogy ends with Allegiant, a book that is currently available in an audiobook form. This makes it very easy for anyone to enjoy this amazing book from any place.

Allegiant is a story that follows Tris Prior as she moves through a faction-bases society that has taken over the country. She has been betrayed and scarred from the world she grew up in but has moved on and is looking for a new life outside the borders with her love Tobias. However, as she will discover in the final chapter of this series, there are many mysteries surrounding the world that she has entered in.

As many new secrets are unveiled and mysteries come about, Tris has to look into the world around her and make some of the most important choices in her life. It’s all about love, allegiance and courage as she finds a way to get the answers that she wants out of her life.

This is a fascinating story that is truly amazing and interesting. More importantly, it is a story that focuses on the human spirit and looks closely at just what people want out of their lives and what they want to get in this world.

Allegiant and the other books in Roths’ Divergent series tell the story of Tris and her desire to move beyond the factions of the world around her after she been been labeled as a Divergent for not fitting in with any particular group. The story has become popular as it gives people a better look into what people are interested in doing with their lives and what inspires them to act as they may.

The Allegiant audiobook is especially great for those who are looking to enjoy the final chapter in the Divergent series. Those who are interested in the entire series can easily find the entire unabridged Divergient series, which includes Divergent, Insurgent and Allegiant audio to finish it off, can find it very easy for them to enjoy these stories.

The audiobook format makes it to where there’s no more need for an excuse when it comes to explaining why one has not gotten around to reading the book just yet. Anyone can easily load up the audiobook format and use it in one’s car or on a portable media player and enjoy the story throughout the day. This is a fascinating format that proves that people do indeed have time to read when they use the right format for enjoying a unique story.

The Allegiant audiobook is a great book for everyone to explore and find. This is a fascinating book that is attractive for being a thrilling book with a gripping story and is worth exploring today. The audiobook format has especially made it to where anyone can enjoy this thrilling story of identity and personality from anyone one can play it back from.

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